The Clubhouse Part 7: Feature Wall

Now I’m sort of the person that believes every room needs a good feature wall. Particularly if its a big space. I’ve always imagined that behind my Dungeon Master chair would be this awesome dungeon wall. I had flirted with a few ideas before and originally I wanted to only spend about $5 per square foot. That didn’t happen. While looking around for great tile, my significant other decided that we needed to have a stone wall that would be modern and re-sellable in the future. You really don’t want to be too nichey, she’s right. So instead of your standard faux stone wall, we went to look at other options.

Silex_ambiant_388X389pxCork was an initial option but it wasn’t very “dungeon like” at all. The textures were rather flat – as they should be since most cork would be used on the floor. Then she saw this awesome wall at a furniture shop. We both went and fell in love. After some Google kung fu, we found the tile. And it was perfect. The tile was from Ciot in Quebec, Canada.

We called the main office immediately and found out the price. It was not good, $16 per square foot. Given the size of the room it would be almost $2100 just in material alone. Also given the size of 8″ x 48″, installation would be a nightmare. Luckily we had a guy, he’s awesome and a bit of a perfectionist. Which of course is exactly what you want. We were able to get a good discount and we got the price down quite a bit. Still ridiculously expensive for JUST a feature wall. But it did look money!

The tiles arrived within a few days and we’re off to the races. We decided on a 50-50 installation pattern (basically where the tiles overlap about halfway). This saved on waste and with expensive tiles like this – you definitely want to do that. Any time you install tiles beyond or under a 50-50 split, you’re generating quite a bit more waste as the cut off bits really can’t be used elsewhere as easily. With a pro helping, we were done within a day and it was awesome!