The Clubhouse Part 6: Lighting

Now that the drywall is done and painted by my thoroughly awesome friends. The next step was to look at lighting and sound. In my mind, a D&D room has got to be a great place for immersion. I knew that I wanted to have some form of “smart” lights and right now it seems like Philips Hue is really the market leader in this space with new products coming out all the time.

The Hue system is wireless. It requires you to plug your Hue hub into your router and then from a mobile device you’ll be able to control not only the power on/off, but dim as well as change colours! That being said, the standard Hue application is not quite that great and I would suggest one of these other third party applications to truly make full use of your (quite) expensive system. The entire system, starter set plus one extra bulb ended up being about $300. These Philips Hue bulbs were then installed into a recessed pot light that allowed your standard A16 bulbs to be screwed in. Perfect. One on each corner of the table.

The other piece of lighting that was most critical is of course the central light. It needed to both double as a tavern style light (Edison bulbs) as well as a homage to the purpose of this room. After a LONG search and a number of botches, my wife suggested this cool geometric light. The conversation went something like this,

“Hey look at this cool light, it’s made out of steel, and its black so it will match your décor. And its quite well priced … ”

“It’s a D20!”

“A what?”

“A D20! That’s amazing where did you find that?”

Clearly she stumbled on something awesome on a whole other level and did not even realize it. Anyways this light was a no brainer for a D&D person like me! I thought it looked quite snazzy installed! The low, almost orange light it gives off is pretty “taverny” to me!


Next step, sound!





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