The Clubhouse Part 5: Drywall

The table was a nice distraction but ultimately you need a space to house it all! Pulling up my very hastily drawn plans I knew I had to get to work. The space we had to work with is 13′ x 22′. Which is a sizable room for its function. As excited as I was to get started, there were a few things I needed to ensure I had,

  1. Four recessed fixtures for Philips Hue lighting system (future blog post!);
  2. Two speaker templates connected to a CAT-6 and flexible audio cables (that can do PC audio for instance); and,
  3. Two outlets for sconces on the eventual feature wall behind the DM chair.

12033191_10156201638580596_8072210229200431164_nYou will also see that we’ve installed Roxul insulation in the ceiling. That was due to the request from the wife (aka the Boss). She did not want to hear me play D&D in the basement. I can’t imagine why.

The funny thing is that this actually turned out to be pragmatic for another reason. Ceiling speakers function significantly better when there is a soundproof cavity. In the end, the Roxul in the ceiling actually served two purposes. I like that. The whole thing was pretty darn expensive though I have to admit. I spent around $300 in Roxul just in the D&D room itself. But today as we use the room, it was worth every penny. Not to mention it really keeps all my players and myself warm in the winter months! We also had drywall delivered to the basement at $1 a sheet delivery service, it was worth every penny. I went with a specialist drywall service here in Canada and I will absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for drywall.  They were super friendly and helpful and the delivery team was professional and very good.

Suddenly the drywall was all up. Okay it wasn’t quite so quick. But let me tell you about “Adam” or little drywall lifter. If you’re planning to do drywall. These rental machines are worth their weight in gold. I estimate that production was tripled with this little yellow machine.

Adam was awesome. We miss Adam. A quick note, any professional dry wall installer will tell you we really messed up the ceiling. Dry wall is NOT supposed to go adjacent like that. They are actually suppose to be installed staggered. We’re going to need to find superb tapers and mudders to fix this amateur mistake!


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