Can D&D make you win at life?

In his latest video Mike Rugnetta on the PBS Idea Channel, speaks about the impact D&D that could have on your life. He proposes that D&D could make a person more confident, more social and overall more successful at life.

My initial reaction? Yes, absolutely yes. Today in business, I use my skills as a Dungeon Master more than I use my other graduate degrees. What are these skills and how are they applied to real life?

  1. Understanding the motivations of others and how to immerse them in a shared vision.
  2. Understanding the characteristics and personalities of others and how to best work with them collaboratively to achieve team success.
  3. Organizing and scheduling  a large group of people with diverse priorities.
  4. Conflict resolution between two parties to achieve a mutual acceptance of terms.
  5. Attracting and retaining talent (at your table or at work).

Those 5 skills sure sound like a fantastic business read, but in reality they are the everyday duties of a Dungeon Master.

Do I believe that EVERYONE that plays D&D will be successful? No I don’t. I don’t even believe that players will necessarily get as much out of D&D than a Dungeon Master would – after all they are primarily playing one character and while the best players consider the overall group dynamic, most probably don’t 100% of the time. What I do believe though is that D&D is a great outlet to develop social skills such as public speaking, conflict resolution, social interaction, and general socially acceptable behaviours.

While D&D might not make you a CEO overnight, it is certainly not detrimental to one’s social skills by any means.




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