The Clubhouse Part 3: Putting the Table Together

With a plan firmly in my head, I finally made the plunge. I laid down the 8 planks of lumber in an order that would minimize the gaps on the table. The one thing I had going for me was that the final table would be “rustic”, which meant in my mind – did not have to be perfect. It was either following the vision or rationalizing my lack of skill. Either case I had spent only $100 so far in lumber and about $150 in pipes, for a total of $250 so far.

IMG_1770The next step was to lay down the 2×6’s and this sounds silly but I had no idea that lumber was never the same length. And for that matter that 2″ lumber was probably more like 1 3/4″ in reality. In either case, I had to make sure everything was perfect in order to hold the underlying pipe structure. I gave about 6″ from either end and cut the 2×6’s down from 8′ to 7′ to accommodate.

Prior to laying down the lumber, I had purchased 2.5″ wood construction screws. These were the same golden screws I had used for my basement framing and felt that they were super strong. I left the lumber alone while I started to put the pipes together. Now this was pretty fun and I needed to know where these supporting 2×6’s needed to lie before I could screw them down. As for the pipes the trick here is to not screw all the parts super tight, because each connection is going to depend how good the threads are and how deep you can go. With the pipes all put together, I laid it down on the planks to see how it would all fit. Pretty darn good. (The picture below shows a test run of how things would fit together – at this point I still had to cut the 2×6’s down.)


With electric drill in hand, I started to put down two screws per plank to tie down the 2×6’s to the lumber itself. Of course now I had wished I used pilot holes. That would be the smart thing. But I didn’t which I’m sure is a terrible thing. Again… rustic. Yeah that’s it.

Next time … staining the wood.



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