The Clubhouse Part 2: Parts for the Table

So having blown the budget elsewhere in the basement, I was forced to be creative unless I wanted to spend a few thousand dollars on a table. Not at all, trust me! Taking some advice I started to look around the net for some ideas. Fortunately, there seems to be a big interest in reclaimed wood furniture lately and especially furniture made with pipe legs. Yes, those same steel pipes in your walls.

IMG_1717Again looking at my current skill set – of which I had none. Whatever table I wanted to build had to be simple to put together. I spent a few days living at the Home Depot before I realized that they sold 2″ thick lumber that was a foot wide and 12′ long … or as I now call it, 2 for 1. Cutting that lumber in half would yield a perfect 1′ x 6′ strip. Seeing as I needed a 6′ x 8′ table, the option was clear. I would get 8 strips and strap them together with 2×4’s. Which later became 2×6’s because I’m the paranoid type and then two more 2×4’s when I realized how heavy this damn thing was. (Yeah, I added more weight to make it support more weight?)

Next was a hour or so in the pipe aisle. After many strange looks from other shoppers, I did manage to draft in my brain what the structural support would look like. Then I proceeded to search for the pieces I needed. My only advice, wear gloves. These things are super greasy. Any spark nearby and I would have casted Flaming Hands.

I was a bit more confident in building the structure than the table itself seeing as how I LOVE Lego. It can’t be that hard right? With about 50 lbs of steel in my shopping cart I happily made my way to the cashier. Which she promptly asked, “Plumbing problem?” Not wanting to open up a long conversation on Dungeons & Dragons I said, “Yes. BIG plumbing problem.” Relieved not to be sucked into a never ending conversation with a non-gamer I went home and dumped all the parts on the floor (on a mat that was on the floor, you really don’t want to dump steel on hardwood). Assembly time! To my surprise, this was SUPER easy. The hardest part – taking off the damn price tags which someone decided was a great idea to tape on twice over. Looking at my skinny table legs, I was a bit fearful they weren’t going to hold up two hundred pounds of lumber. Oh well. Only one way to find out!




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